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Microsoft’s Mayhem

March 21, 2012

now I don’t know all that much about programing, and I don’t wish to know a lot. though it would be nice one day to know a bit more then I do

that being said there is something really interesting coming about from those of you that want to learn, or just play around with something new

from Microsoft that is open source (you can change the programs code for free) and its also so easy every one can litteraly play around with it and not even

have to know a lot about computers.

its called Mayhem

it’s a cause and effect app, or as they say event and reaction.

so in one section you pick what you physically do, and then you pick what that action dues on the computer world

but for those of you that do know a bit about programing can get excited as it is open source so if you don’t see the things you want to do

you can build them in the program.

there are phone apps coming for those of you that have windows phone, android, or iPhone/ipad

this well allow you to create buttons on your phone that do do actions.

SO what dues this have to do with metro?

well something I find that is still a untapped business is smart housing. which is ware a houses appliances, lights, and sprinkler system exe. are connected to your wireless

or wired network. then by some sort of remote system such as a phone, or wall panel. though their has bin some areas of smart home, their has yet to be any big commercial smart home business

Comcast has bin the BIG first company to do this, and only for a few weeks.

the premise of this is to, check you home security system from your phone, preheat the oven when your on the highway to have it ready when you walk in the door.

if its raining you can turn your sprinkler system off wile your at work. have your lights turn on when you drive up to the garage. exe

what I did

you can also do like I did, my Bluetooth key board dues not have a screen shot key so now with mayhem, when I press SHIFT+tab on my key board I can take a  screenshot and even create a custom folder that it saves those screen shots to. I also am using a android keyboard with my windows tablet. so it has all the android buttons, since they don’t do any thing on my computer, I have now made it so when I press the search button that it pulls up in IE. again I know NOTHING about code, and I did not have to know any thing.

OK BUT, what is metro about it?

well a smart house is something to talk about having what you need ware you need it, and having it easy to use.

this program is easy to use, and when you think of what you can do with a bit of work you can expand to so many things.

so I encourage business and the like to travel over to and think of what you can do as part of a open source world, to live metro and see what kinds of things mayhem could do for you. or should do for you.

some things to think about

say you own a small business but your not in the store today, you could have your cash register send you a text every time you have a sale, it could say what items were sold, which employee was at the register, and how much money you made.

you have a large house, and that house has security cameras, well you could be able to see real time what is on each camera live from your phone.

kids come home and your not their? have your house text you when they walk in the door.

running in and out of the house and need to be told that the laundry needs to be switched?

have your washer text you when clothes need to be put in the dryer before you run back out the door.

want your holiday lights to be on at 7? have your pc turn them on all on its own.

the things you could do with this are just about endless, so I encourage you to even just drop by the forums on the site and drop off some ideas

the grate thing about this program is that if you ever wanted a app that works just for your needs. this is the program that could create what you need

mayhem dues all the programing for you. all you have to do is have the equipment, the internet, and know what you want to set up.

play around and see what you can do.

and as always remember

lets work together, because we live together

^ from Microsoft’s BUILD conference, the top guys talking about windows 8

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