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the venus project

March 19, 2013

the Venus project come from Jacques fresco in Venus Florida, he has bin promoting his work for a long time now but some how im just now finding out about him.

the main point of what I like about him, or rather his work is that its a world with no money, I know that sounds crazy but let me explain the idea is that instead of what we think of today we would have to get used to a new world ware their are only 3 jobs and every thing else is automated or replaced with machines.

in other words farming, construction, trash removal, and other tedious jobs well all be replaced with machines, and in tern only 3 jobs well really exist in the end, you well either be a counselor, a artists, or a scientist. but most likely you well become all 3 in one variation or another.

money wont exist and instead every man well work for the general benefit of all mankind and their well no longer be any selfish needs of people. and technology well always be the best, and when something like say a better windows is invented, all windows well be replaced with the new better windows, when a better water filter is invented then well older water filters well be replaced. this is because man well be able to always have the best, for free, as their is no longer any money.  

teachers well always have the best educational tools, farmers well have automated farms, and so on.

cities well be one with nature, and we well have new garden like cities that well allow fresh air, no pollution, and we well mostly use solar or wind power, even geothermal power, and nothing harmful to the environment. we well recycle old cities and buildings, but possibly keep some as museums much like how we kept the pyramids of yesterday.

their well be no laws only counselors who manage things special for every case, this is because their well be no weapons, and you well be allowed to drive drunk. the new cars well drive by them self’s and using special sensors they can avoid hitting other cars or buildings. and GPS systems well drive the car ware you need to go, so it wont matter how drunk the driver is, their are no weapons because their is no need for them, all meat well be invetro meat, and all plant made food well be grown in vertical farms right in the city. every one well have the best healthcare, because science well be able to move so much faster thanks to their not being any money around, also meaning no contracts, meaning no restrictions on how scientists can work together. we wont have to have people dyeing wile waiting for a heart transplant but can just have a new better heart 3d printed within a week, the new heart can be better then any ordinary heart, and this could be done with the entire healthcare industry, we wont have to relay on farmasudical companies, we can have real cures, and real medicine all the time.

every one well have shelter, food, internet, technology, clothing, fresh clean water, and what ever elce they need for life.

we have the technology today to make all this possible but we need to work on making the changes now, our government of the US needs to be over though and we need to do the same around the world we can have a better tomorrow if the people come together and make it happen. we can make this happen join the movement today



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