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New Denver

August 3, 2014

A proposed city, my proposed city south west of Denver. More specific it would be just south of Jefferson Colorado, and stretch as far south as Guffey Colorado. In this large valley surrounded by mountains on all sides I propose a massive city. One that would be so big, it would need to be made into for sections.


The city, like any other would need a way for its citizens to get from one place to another.
In this vision I would see a large rail system, one that dues not even touch the ground, but dues see the rails system move with the land.
It would be constructed some 5 stories high. This would allow free movement of the train 🚄 from one destination to another with ease. It would only have 13 major stops and would move around the perimeter of the city in both directions. This would create a monumental wall around the city. One that greets any who would enter. So esthetically its appearance would not just be focused on the train its self but also the 5 story high track.
Their would also be a center station that connects the outer wall, and would also decide the city into four sections.
To highlight the different sections each would have its own theme color that is inspired by Colorado (green, yellow, purple, red).
The train 🚄 would be 2 stories, the bottom would be simple seats and large view windows. Their would also be touch monitors and animated wall paper made from OLED screens.
The second floor well have partial room, and some light shopping 🏬 int the form of a bar, smoking room, lounge, and premade food. The second floor well also have bathrooms.
For those passengers that only go to one stop to another the first floor well help make the trip seem almost instant. For those passengers moving from one side of the city to another, the second floor well provide the creature comforts that regular public transportation dues not.

The out side of the trains well also have their own their own OLED screens, they well display animations and adds, even transfer local surrounding from one side of the train to the other with cameras. This well give the train 🚄 a translucent appearance.
Road ways well move right under bridge 🌉 ways made by the rail. The bridge ways well also act as gates to the city.

Electric self driving buses well flow through the city streets.
The streets well also be filled with self driving cabs that can pick you up and take you were you need to go.


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